About Me

Thank you for reading my blogs. My name is Liang Wu. I am a programmer in Toronto. I have strong passion in software development, especially in OO, Design pattern, TDD, Agile, Functional Programming and everything which can bring more productivity and deliver high quality code. I can be reached at: liangwu2004 at gmail.com.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    I figured out that you were interested in tools for .NET developers and I wanted to let you know about our tool NDepend.

    NDepend analyses source code and .NET assemblies. It allows controlling the complexity, the internal dependencies and the quality of .NET code.

    NDepend provides a language (CQL Code Query Language) dedicated to query and constraint a codebase.

    It also comes from with advanced code visualization (Dependencies Matrix, Metric treemap, Box and Arrows graph…), more than 60 metrics, facilities to generate reports and to be integrated with mainstream build technologies and development tools.

    NDepend also allows to compare precisely different versions of your codebase.

    We would be glad to offer you a free NDepend pro license if you could review it on your blog.

    Patrick Smacchia
    NDepend lead dev
    MVP Visual C#

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